Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Kind of bread that is most healthful

            Truly healthful bread contains ground-up whole grains, with the bran, wheat germ, and endosperm present. Such breads have double, triple, and in some cases quadruple nutrient value when compared with their refined counterparts.

           When combined with fresh fruit, cereals, vegetables, potatoes, and beans, bread makes interesting and satisfying meals and helps maintain good energy levels for long periods.

           Look for the substantial-feeling loaves that aren't full of air. Look for 100 percent whole wheat ,stone ground if possible. Sprouted -wheat breads are also excellent. Find a reliable bakery . Better yet, make your own bread. 

Friday, October 22, 2010

Lifestyle is key to prevention

In Asia, the Philippines has been identified as having a high incidence rate of hepatitis B(Hepa B) . Health experts say the hepa B virus may be found in blood, semen, tears and saliva. It is transmitted the same was as the human immunodeficiency virus(HIV), the microorganism that causes AIDS. That is, through sexual intercourse, use of contaminated needles, blood transfusion , and from mother to child. The early signs of Hepa B include a general malaise or a tired feeling, fever, chills, and flu like symptoms that last for many days. There may also be a slight pain over the liver, nausea or vomiting and the passing of dark urine the color of a cola beverage. Jaundice may also set in.

Lifestyle is Key to prevention

Vaccination prevents hepatitis B. But prevention is also a matter of lifestyle. To Minimize your risk.
- Don't drink untreated water or eat uncooked shellfish,fruits or vegetables when traveling in unsafe places.
- Don't share personal items such as toothbrushes, razors drinking cups or utensils with someone who many be infected. Wash your hands after contact .
- Avoid unprotected sexual contact with someone who may be infected.
- If you inject drugs or medication, always use sterile needles.
- Don't allow an infected person to prepare or handle food.